We Heart Art Program

NYC Invites monthly art events – We Heart Art Program Outline.


Since 2009 we have showcased vibrant visual and performing artists in a well attended monthly exhibition over Lincoln Center in New York City!  These free-to-attend events attract professionals from major media outlets, upscale young professionals, and art connoisseurs.  
We accept abstract, modern pieces art pieces in a wide array of mediums. Paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc are all be considered.  Below are the details for our art series. 
**If you have artists in mind PLEASE have them submit their website portfolio for review.Artist Requirements and Details:

Artist must present a minimum of 5 pieces.
Artist / curators retain and are responsible for 100% of their art sales.
Artist must email NYC Invites images (jpg / high res not required) of art work for approval in advance.Art work that is not approved in advance may not be shown at our events.
Artist supplies installation and lighting to best show their work.
Artist must sign a liability release.
Artist should invite existing clientele to the event.NYC Invites may provide drink specials, live jazz bands or other promotions for these art events.
NYC Invites retains the right to enforce certain guest list criteria.

Please email your portfolio website and contact detail to privatenycinvitations@gmail.com to apply or ask questions about this series.

Past event photos HERE